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Shenandoah Hills Campground, Madison, Virginia

Date of Stay: March, 2005 - $32.00
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I admit when I stayed here it was with some hesitation due to some of the posts. In making this post I will try and keep it factual. At check in I was asked for number in party and found children were billed at a separate rate from adults. When Sandy asked if the kids had bikes, I wondered why I was aasked such, but since we did not have any on this trip, it was not a concern. I was issued a card for the gate and charged $10 for it, refundable on return of card. First time I have stayed at a camp like this. After paying I was directed to a "pull through" site. Oddly enough, the site I was directed to was perhaps the only site I could NOT pull through. Fortunately the site beside was vacant and I was able to pull through it and then back into the one provided. At electrical hookup I noted the hookup had the usual 50 and 30 amp hookup, with a lock over the 50 amp connection. However, since I had no need for 50 amp and had paid for 30 amp, this too was not an issue. Since I had an unexpected visitor one night, I went to the office to pay for this. $5 seemed a bit steep but those are their rules. Since I stayed longer than originally planned, I went to pay and asked about the rate being charged and reminded Sandy we no longer had the guest, but I was still charged the extra $5. At final check out I asked for an itemized bill and was told it could not be done for some reason relating to the computer setup. I started querying further about the rates and finally Sandy acknowledged she had overcharged me, and did refund the overage. I found the park comfortable, clean & relatively quiet with what appear to be grounds improvement underway. That is the factual, non-human involvement report. I like to interact with people and develop a rapport, even if just for a short period of time. I also like to feel welcome. I felt none of this with Sandy, who I believe is one of the owners, but am not sure. Some could argue since it was clean and safe, they had done their job. I also felt I was at Stalag 13 with the gate and the impersonal approach to the customer. Sandy, if you or another rep from your campground read this, lighten up, smile at your customer and thank them for coming. Remember, we may need a place to stay for the night, but you need us to WANT to stay with you. You have a decent location with a clean, functioning campground. Make us feel welcome! I guess I can understand the gate system since some cheapskates feel it is ok to drive into a campground and then leave without paying, I don't like it though. Had there been better human interaction, I would have given this a high rating based on what I used here, keeping in mind I did not use every service. We camped at Shenandoah Hills Campground in a Fifth Wheel.


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