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Candy Hill Campground, Winchester, Virginia

Date of Stay: March, 2005 - $30.00
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Where do I start? I wish I would have read the reviews here before I stopped. Basically, the nice amenities of the campground are offset by the rude and overbearing nature of the main visible staff members. I found the senior staff members to be quite nice but they weren't the ones enforcing the rules in the concentration camp. You see, the campground manager has a calibrated eyeball for the 5mph "STRICTLY ENFORCED" speed limit. He will be sure to chase you down in his golf cart (exceeding 5mph, but I'm sure he's trained for high rates of speed in the golf cart) to inform you of your infraction and promptly warn you he will ban your vehicle from the campground. Most vehicle speedometers don't even go below 10 mph (mine doesn't). Not more than 5 minutes at the campground and the staff was already out reminding us of "the rules". While registering, my wife was slowly driving around the office building to keep our son asleep when she was stopped by the manager and asked to stop driving around the office. When she explained why, she was told to drive around outside the campground. It wasn't until later in the day that the manager explained the reason was to prevent the vehicle sensor from constantly going off in the office. That's fine, but he could have explained it at the time. That started our camping trip off on a sour note and really never got better than that. Do you have a guest visiting? Be sure they do not exceed the 5mph speed limit! Also be sure they don't come right to your door and they register first or they will have a visit from the golf cart to receive their first warning. How about taking a shower? They say they're cleaned daily (at least they're closed an hour daily for cleaning) but I've seen the same mud in the same sink for a week. And the laundry. Who closes the laundry for days over spring break when the park is at its peak? Made little sense to me. I've been threatened, insulted and made to feel very unwelcome. Where the staff gets their business sense is a mystery to me. If this weren't the only campground in the area, they wouldn't be in business very long. I understand the necessity for rules in any setting, however, how one delivers the rules makes a considerable difference. We all know police allow a certain amount of slack in speed. How many of us have been pulled over for 1mph over the speed limit? You will be here and you will be lectured as to the necessity of the speed limit. So if driving with your head in the car staring at the speedometer the entire time instead of looking outside for hidden dangers and exercising caution is your cup of tea, then this is the campground for you. If you enjoy a laundry list of rules at a cost greater than usual for a campground, then this is the campground for you. If you want your visitors to be greeted rudely, reminded of the rules and left asking themselves "who is that guy?", then this is the campground for you. If I had any other choice in campground, I would have left here the same day I pulled in, but due to circumstances had to stay here. Though services are adequate, the staff's lack of ability in dealing with people outweighs the benefits and renders an overall rating from me as poor. We camped at Candy Hill Campground in a Motorhome.


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