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Cheyenne KOA, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Date of Stay: April, 2009 - $38.00
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This RV campground is not recommended for the following reasons: - Owners are not really "friendly" - maybe on a superficial level, but not beyond. A freak snow storm dumped on Cheyenne while we were here, and we were one of the few campgrounds required to dig ourselves out of up to 4 foot snow drifts. We spent HOURS doing this! The owners stayed well out of site, helping no one, during the disaster, and when asked for help - none came. Other campgrounds had snowplows immediately on site and much happier looking campers than the KOA folks. We did all pitch in together, and neighbor helped neighbor, so that was nice. Huge mistake coming here just for that. But there's more... - Very spotty internet connection that was too slow to load graphics, and frequently went out, which happened before, and certainly during the storm. We basically couldn't count on it at all. - TV is limited to a very few channels - FOX news, CNN and the Weather Channel, as well as Turner. - Bathrooms suck! They are clean. However, the uni-sex showers are private stalls that are much too small, they steam up quickly so even in the coldest weather, you overheat, and the shower heads (in all of them) have a cumbersome backward spray that you can see the water falling around you, but few drops actually fall on you. Bathrooms are in a separate area - you have to go outside to get to them - again, clean, but not stocked with paper towels, only hand dryers, and not really functional at all. Terrible place. Avoid it. There are plenty of good ones nearby. We camped at Cheyenne KOA in a Fifth Wheel.


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