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Country Hills RV Park, Beaumont, California

Date of Stay: April, 2009 - $36.00
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This place is not one I could or would recommend for family camping. The only thing that it has working in it's favor is the shopping that is close by for anything that you might have forgotten to pack. But other than that we can see no other redeeming qualities. The trash cans are only located back at the checkin office where there was a line of 4 small dumpsters and their policy concerning trash is: "Do not leave water, food or garbage bags outside your unit. You will attract wild animals (skunks, bobcats or mountain lions, etc.)" After finding this place on the net, looking at the pictures with stated amenities that included wireless internet, we decided to camp in a new place for the experience. I called for a 5 night 6 day stay. Let me start with the campground itself. When you go to their website you are treated to some very deceiving pictures of what it may have looked like years ago, but now it's mostly rocks and gravel. They accept dogs at $1 per dog extra per day, which was fair except that once you are inside the park and are looking for grassy areas to take the dogs, don't bother, most of the level grounds are rocks and gravel. We did manage to find one little grassy area that the dogs (labrador retrievers) could walk on and do their business. Next we found that the Wi-Fi was extra and had to be paid by credit card which was fair as well, but not stated on their website nor told about when I called them to book the dates. (And no I did not ask about it so it was partly my fault.) This park appeared to be leaning to the full timer resident and storage of rv's and trailers rather then the rv/trailer camper. We never made it up to the pool so we can't comment on that. We got an emergency call about the wife's mother being taken to the hospital at around 6:45 am on Wednesday, our 3rd day at the park. Needless to say we packed and the wife drove off in the car that we normally towed, to drive to the hospital while I drove the RV home. We had chosen a campground close to home due to the mother-in-law not being in the best condition the past few months and we wanted to be close just in case. I stayed behind until the office opened at 9 am to ask what could be done about the balance of our 5 night stay that we paid in cash upon our arrival. We made the mistake of paying for the entire stay all at once instead of paying daily (there is no cut rate for multi days until 7 day week) since there was a no refund policy. (We made the wrong assumption that the park would do the right thing in an emergency, but to our surprise they would only give us a credit towards our next stay). At that point, I realized that the owners appeared to not be true camper friendly folks. They did not take into account that real life situations sometimes mean overlooking standard rules. Would be better for all concerned, then to stand hard nose for the sake of a few dollars. I told them that if this is how they treat their campers/customers then we didn't need to come back. They could take their "credit." The park managers were friendly people were but bound by the owners' (they called the owners) hard line stand on money over people. Aside from the emergency call issue, we hope our review of this campground helps others before visiting there. But if you do decide to visit: just pay on a per day basis and don't expect too much from the campground conditions. We camped at Country Hills RV Park in a Motorhome.


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