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Foxwood Family Campground, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Date of Stay: May, 2005 - $30.00
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Family and friends camped here over the Holiday weekend. There were a few things that bothered us. One) The bathroom facilities - there were two stalls by the store. Not only were they teaming with mosquitos (the structure was built right over a marshy stream) but someone had sprayed mosquito spray all over the place (even on the tiolet seat). There was only one other set of restrooms which was located near the playground. This was also the location of the only showers. Since there were only three women's shower stalls for the whole campground, there was often a wait in the morning. The water was either cold or scalding hot or cold. Sometimes the water pressure was sufficient, other times it came out in a trickle. Two) the playground - there was a rather mature poison ivy vine growing on the wooden playset. I cleaned up the trash the first morning as there was stuff that I thought could either harm children or just make a general mess (such as an aluminum can with its top torn off that someone had been using to set off fireworks, or marshmellows strewn about). I didn't do the trash pickup the second morning because they didn't restock the empty papertowels in the women's room (which I used to pick up the trash) until after 10am. The third morning I did see someone else picking up the trash. Don't know if he was a fellow camper or a campground official. Three) The miniature golf. The golf course was so poorly maintained I was absolutely shocked to find out they charged you to use it! Four) The pool was supposed to be opened that Saturday. By Sunday the foam was still so thick on the surface that I went to inquire about it at the store. I was appalled to find out that they considered it available for use! I was even further shocked when they told me it was only 48 degrees! I can't believe such conditions wouldn't pose a significant hazard to young swimmers! Certainly there was no way my four-year-old was getting in there. Five) there didn't seem to be any monitoring of unruly campers. Campers and residents played loud music and were generally noisy well into the night. A fellow camper related a incident that she had witnessed around 2:30 am where an apparently drunk or under-the-influence camper was ranting, raving, and cursing for 45 minutes looking for someone who had apparently almost run over his friend. Six) As another reviewer mentioned, there are very run-down camping sites that need to be cleaned up. It's a shame because the campground had a lot of potential, but my other family members and I are in agreement that we will not be returning to this one. We camped at Foxwood Family Campground in a Tent.


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