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Rancho Los Coches RV Park, Lakeside, California

Date of Stay: June, 2009 - $45.00
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Visually attractive,clean and well shaded park with unique layout. Very tight spaces with twisty, hilly, turns makes larger rig parking difficult. More suited to 30' max for short term camping. There are larger rigs, but they are full timers who are set up as permanent or semi permanent residents who are employed in the surrounding area. There is a clean pool, but only has a depth of 5' and is about average size for an RV park. 2 large showers with 2 sinks and a key is needed for access. Fitness room is nothing more than a large closet with a single barely functional multi exercise unit with two dumbbells and several treadmills. To enter, a 4 digit punch in code is needed, but you'll most likely turn around and exit immediately upon entry, or not return a second time. Plenty of washers and dryers that are clean and functional. Although the park is generally quiet, a large group of ravens or crows dominate the parks trees and are quite loud and disturbing. Each space has a small concrete pad that needs to be reached by crossing about 10' of stone pebbles which presents a major problem for motorcycle parking and turn arounds. I would suggest two wheelers avoid this park for any stay over a few days as maneuvering about these pads which have a small drop off, is exasperating and dangerous. Management is inflexible, dictatorial, and unfriendly. It's almost like being in some kind of confinement atmosphere. I had planned on spending the summer here to escape the Arizona heat, but after only a few days have decided to look elsewhere as the parks minuses outweigh the pluses. I certainly will not return, and recommend anyone looking for a casual, fun, park look elsewhere. We camped at Rancho Los Coches RV Park in a Motorhome.


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