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St. Louis N.E. / I-270 / Granite City KOA, Granite City, Illinois

Date of Stay: June, 2009 - $98.00
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We planned a large family trip (5hrs away) to St.Louis Zoo and camping Friday and Saturday nights. Our group was 21 people, 14 adults and 7 kids, we had one pop-up camper and the rest were tents. I made the reservations by phone to the campground almost 4 weeks in advance. I was told that we would pay a group rate for the tent camping of $6.50 per person per night,(15 people) plus the pop-up. That was fine, so I made the reservations, gave credit card for pop-up site and again for tent camping, like you do at other campgrounds. Then before we even left for the trip I got my credit card statement and was already charged for one night on the pop-up and tents, never had that done before, usually have had them run the card when I arrive. Okay, that was fine. I figured out what each family was going to need to pay for the trip and had given them all their totals. First thing was campground looked pretty nice, then we seen the sign for NO CAMPFIRES! What is camping with no campfires! We planned on stick roasting hot dogs at night! Okay, we could live with that, weren’t real happy about it but would deal with it. Sat around about an hour just relaxing and then started setting up camp. The next few people in our group arrived and when the checked in to see where are sites where they were asked if they were scouts, they said no, they were with my group. The lady at the desk (owner) then showed them to our site. She pulled up in her golf cart, said to me that there was a problem with the reservations; she thought we were a scout group. I told her I didn’t know where that came from because as you could tell we didn’t look like a scout group. She then said she could give us the sites for that night at that rate but, the next night would have to be at a regular rate. I said okay, I would have to figure that out, after figuring it, it was going to cost an additional $50-60 if we took one of the tents down and stuck people in other tents. She then drove her cart through our camp site; stop by where we had a beer box sitting looked and drove off. Most of our group is well over the drinking age. Well we talked about it for a while and tried to look on online on our phones to see if we could find another campground close by (remember we are already half set up). She came back with the credit card slip for me to sign where she had credited back the one night and figured the next at the new rate. I asked her way we had to pay for their mistake and she just said we though you were a scout group. Everyone was pretty upset because we had budgeted X amount of money for the trip and now had to pay more for their mistake. My husband and I decided it would be a pain to take down tents and pack everything up and move to another campground (when all we wanted to do was have a relaxing fun trip) so He and I would just pay the difference. I went up to pay the difference and she did give us a little discount but, no apology, and it is still the idea that it was there mistake and we had to pay for it, that’s why we make reservations. As for the campground, it was pretty clean, pool was nice, the no campfires and quit hours 8pm – 9am (13hours) were very different. I would not recommend this campground and will not be staying here again. We do a lot of large group camp trips. We have done a once or twice a year trip to Wisc., for the last 6 years, that includes 40-60 people and have never had this kind of problem. Our age group for this trip was between 3 months – 55 years old. If you are a family that just likes to relax and have fun as a family, I would look for a different campground than this one. We camped at St. Louis N.E. / I-270 / Granite City KOA in a Tent.


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