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Natural Springs Resort, New Paris, Ohio

Date of Stay: May, 2005 - $35.00
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New manager is unbelievably hateful, belligerent, distrustful, abusive and abrasive toward campers and the employees alike. He is beyond rude, being extremely accusatory, caustic, surly, and nasty. He was constantly interrogating campers about whether they paid the extra fees to do an activity, and treats everyone with equal suspicion. You would think he was running a prison camp! And the rules there never end? There is a huge white placard with one list of rules, and they list several places where there are additional rules. Break a rule, including ?unwritten? rules at his discretion, and you are threatened to be thrown out without a refund. One car per site, only one family from the same household, separate site required for friends or tents, extra fee for visitors, very anal about every little detail, extra charges apply... He is a total control freak, and tries to squeeze every last dollar he thinks you will pay out of a stay there. His horrendous attitude totally RUINS what could have been a nice park. You can see how the employees cringe when he baggers them. They hate him. Work Campers beware! Obviously this manager should never be in contact with the public in any way, shape or form. He is the camp police officer and camp idiot all at the same time. Don?t even think of having a good time around this guy. He insulted multiple people and employees with all of us just standing there watching him throw his fits in disbelief! We all shared stories about him later and just could NOT believe he could remain employed by the park owner! He makes everyone believe HE is the owner, but he is not we found out. He does not introduce himself or wear a name tag, but his name is Frank Smith. None of us will EVER camp there again. So glad we found a site where we could warn others about this place. We camped at Natural Springs Resort in a Travel Trailer.


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