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Webb's Camping, Hartford, Iowa

Date of Stay: June, 2009 - $25.00
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The frustration with this campground started when we pulled into our campsite. The campground only has 50 amp service so my standard plug-in from my new 27' travel trailer would not work. I called the park office and asked if they had an adapter I could borrow since I've never been to a campground that only has 50 amp service. They told me they couldn't start doing that because then everyone would want to borrow one, however, they would sell me one for $25.00. What a money making scheme they have going there. It is not posted anywhere in the park that they only have 50 amp service. I wonder how many of those adapters they sell at $25.00 a pop. I was told by another camper that he bought one at Walmart for $9.00. We had a friend and her son come out and setup a tent on our campsite and stayed one night. Again, it is not posted anywhere that you cannot also have a tent setup on a campsite that you have paid for. After the tent was already up for 24 hrs we were told that if only kids are staying in the tent then it is free, but, if an adult stays in the tent it's $15.00 per night. And this after we spent $25.00 per night x 3 nights=$75.00 + $25.00 50 amp adapter + $25.00 for firewood = $140.00 for the weekend. The bathroom situation is also not good. There is only one toilet/sink/shower for men and one for women so expect to wait in line. I will say the grounds are well maintained and there is a beautiful view of the Des Moines River and access to a sandbar for fishing. There is also a pond for fishing however all the fish are stunted and there were so many kids with nets trying to catch frogs and tadpoles wading and swimming in the water that it was nearly impossible to fish. We camped at Webb's Camping in a Travel Trailer.


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