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Shady Lakes Camping & Recreation, New Windsor, Illinois

Date of Stay: June, 2009 - $26.00
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Maybe at one time this was a nice campground, but our experience here was not a pleasant one. This park needs some serious upkeep. From the falling down split log fence that borders the entrance road, to the playground that really should be condemned. All of the equipment in the playground needs to go into one of the overfilled and disgusting dumpsters they keep by the entrance, before a child is seriously injured. Stepping into the "store", a wave of cat urine smacks you in the face. Disorganized staff and overpriced groceries seem to be the theme here. Once we arrived at our campsite, we notice that it hasn't been mowed in some time. We also noticed that our 30 amp power supply for our site has been absconded by a junk camper that is located on a site next to ours(but is not on the map.) A quick call to the office from my cell phone brings an extremely cranky elderly gentleman. We inform him of our concerns(the foot high grass and lack of power outlet). His response to the grass was and I quote "I ain't got a mower and I don't mow grass!" He is good enough to bring us a splitter for the power though. I first asked him if I should unplug the squatters cord and he said "You do that and you'll be paying for his groceries!" Apparently this squater is a good friend of someone in the hierarchy at this glorious campground. Moving on. Their website boasts of paddle boats and 9 hole minnie golf. The paddle boats consist of 4 or 5 upside down junk boats covered in weeds with a dock that looks like it would rather be at the bottom of the lake rather than barely floating in it. The minnie golf is another treat. It looks like a minnie tornado ripped through the minnie golf course with greens missing and torn. Par for this campground. One last thing. It looks as though they had some trouble with a dam for one of the lakes and had to rebuild it. The neglected to put up some kind of barricade or guardrail or caution tape to protect people from falling down a 25 to 30' dropoff. This place is just asking for a lawsuit. Now to the positive comments. The pool was nice. We camped at Shady Lakes Camping & Recreation in a Travel Trailer.


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