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Chesapeake Campground, Chesapeake, Virginia

Date of Stay: July, 2009 - $15.00
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The campground itself is nice. It has stables and you can do pony rides for your kids. They have chickens, and you can buy fresh brown eggs for breakfast. There are volleyball courts and a small putt-putt golf course. There are bicycle, golf cart and canoe / rowboat rentals. Prices seemed good. They are right across from a canal that is part of the Intracoastal: so you can paddle for a ways if you wish. We brought our tent up, and just used a tent spot. The spots were nice enough. However the bathrooms were old and in need of serious cleaning. The showers had plenty of hot water, but just didn't seem "nice". Not clean. I used the showers, just would prefer something cleaner. Quite time is 10:00PM. There was a large group two tent sites behind our site. There were a lot of people and vehicles: they did not stick to the limit of people or cars. The place has a big sign saying they are a family-oriented campground, and beer and pot parties are not allowed. There was a lot of glass bottle clinking going on. Singing until around midnight. Loud talk with a lot of bad language thrown in, lasted until a quarter-to-one in the morning. A very loud start to an off-color, racist joke, that thankfully one of the group members put a stop to. The security truck went around a little past 10PM. I did not see him back after that at all. Just one round. I complained when checking out, and found other campers had complained as well. The checkout person said we should call security when that is going on. As an aside, I did consider calling security and wandered by their camper a little past midnight, but felt it unfair to call or knock on a door that late. So: I'm not entirely sure we would go back again. I know my youngest son would enjoy the putt-putt and horses and volleyball (we'd snag a sand court and play badminton). He would not go anywhere near the restrooms or the showers while we were there. I would not want to have to deal with noisy campers, inappropriate language, off-color jokes or beer parties. And I feel security should make more than one round and should go by all the camping spots (he did not drive by that section). I think I'd give this one a miss next time. They certainly try to be a family campground, and if it was a little cleaner I'd try again and just call if things seemed out of hand. I know my youngest son would love it, I just don't want to have to deal with noisy campers and off-color language at a quarter to one. We camped at Chesapeake Campground in a Tent.


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