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Strawberry Park, Preston, Connecticut

Date of Stay: August, 2009 - $90.00
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While relaxing under my awning, surfing the web on my vacation here: I read some of the other camper reviews about this park. I know everyone has different tastes and values on camping. Strawberry Park does boast about receiving the prestigious “5W” rating from Woodall’s RV ratings. I look at Strawberry Park like a 5-star hotel. While I know camping is different, I would expect perfection from a 5-star hotel, and Strawberry Park to be nothing less. My family and I have been camping here for a good many years. We started out in a tent, moved to a popup and now to a travel trailer. We enjoy camping on Red Maple road to be able to watch all the games out in the field. All the employees we have encountered have been awesome, helpful, well maintained and polite: A+ on all staff. I don’t know how they do it but "hats off" to them. The bathrooms are always cleaned. They do need a rest room down near the horseshoe pits. I have two pet peeves that bother me about Strawberry Park. First and foremost is the speed and rudeness of people who choose to drive cars, trucks and golf carts around the park: whether they are going to the store or pools or sightseeing or just lost! The owners should install a good number more big speed bumps! There should be three on Red Maple road alone! Most people don’t have a clue on what 8 miles-per-hour is. But they do slow down or stop at the speed bumps. While relaxing one Saturday evening: I counted a guy going around the upper block 10 times without stopping at any of the cross roads. My other pet peeve: while I know the turnaround time for the camping sites are tight, they need a good cleaning. The pea-gravel needs a good raking and I always have to clean out my fire pit and pick up papers. I know I could go to the office and have the site tidied-up but that’s like calling the front desk of the 5-star hotel and asking to have your room cleaned when you want to check-in. Anyone can look all around and find faults about this park but we will continue to camp here. To us it’s still an awesome place to enjoy our vacation. I believe you get what you pay for; I’ll just have to bring my own speed bumps. We camped at Strawberry Park in a Travel Trailer.


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