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Big Meadow Family Campground, Townsend, Tennessee

Date of Stay: July, 2005 - $28.00
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I read the recent bad review about Big Meadow Campground and I strongly disagree. I have stayed at Big Meadow Family Campground in 2000, 2001 and now for a month in 2005. I have always found the campground to be a very satisfying experience with the owners/operators more than willing to accommodate the needs of the folks staying there. They are helpful, friendly and provide a wonderful atmosphere in which to enjoy the many activities nearby in the Great Smoky Mountains. I find it refreshing that they have very simple rules, which allow all to enjoy the campground as long as they have ?respect? for the rights of others to enjoy it as well. I would note that I have had dogs in the past; and have stayed at a variety of campgrounds during a two-year full-time stint traveling around the country. This appears to be a classic example of the typical dog debate & part of the reason why some campgrounds do not allow dogs & others segregate pet owners to certain areas of their campgrounds. Having been on both sides of the fence, I can certainly understand the respective positions?it is nice and convenient to take your pet along if possible. I think the key is that pet owners need to know and abide by the rules, ask for them upfront, and then be respectful of others. One of my dogs was a ?great watchdog? and barked whenever he was alone. Knowing this, we did not take him camping. This was not only common sense, but respectful of others who may or may not like to hear him bark. Just because your neighbors do not vocally complain when you asked, does not mean that they found your behavior acceptable or respectful of their rights?many folks do not like direct, open confrontation when they are trying to have a good time. It may be that the owners were doing their job and not waiting for a complaint but heading off problems. Wish more owners would do this. For the record, I did hear the dogs but did not make a complaint?had I been in an adjacent campsite & stayed there during the day, I likely would have complained though. Not mentioned by this reviewer was the fact his dogs were in a ?soft sided pop up camper??not the best place for a 160 lb great dane who may or may not be aggressive when children ride by on their bikes. Lastly, I would point out that it is incumbent upon the campground renter to inquire of any rules due to their special situation. Had you told them upfront that your dogs barked when left alone, they likely would have told you it would be a ?problem.? I believe that Big Meadows Campground provided ?options? to this renter (who in reality knew these going in but chose to ignore them for whatever reason) and he was well treated?mindful that the other renters here also have the right not to hear this person?s dogs bark all day or bark whenever someone walks past their rig. The responsibility for the pet and its behavior lies with the pet owner, without exception, not with nearby renters or the campground operator. I have no problem giving the Big Meadows Family Campground a ?two thumbs up? recommendation to anyone contemplating staying in Townsend Tennessee. We camped at Big Meadow Family Campground in a Travel Trailer.


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