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Chautauqua Lake KOA , Dewittville, New York

Date of Stay: September, 2005 - $25.00
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I just have to say that this was a nice campground however, it definitely was not ON the lake, try four miles away. It definitely was not meant for the weekender. The owners make it quite clear that they are not interested in dealing with or having weekenders there or children for that matter. They were rude and mean to us throughout our stay this past labor day weekend 05. They never once ran any type of activities so as far as some of the other reviews that were made in the past...none of those positive things are going on now. However all of the negative things that were said in the above reviews in that past, are still holding true. ALL OF IT!!!! All of those things happened with us and the owners. We went with seven families and rented seven sites plus a cottage rental and a lux Cabin. You would think the owners would have been a little bit hospitable to us. Not one bit. We understood that there were plenty of rules, policies and everything else that this Owner wanted to make sure that we knew of. However it was her approach and the way she talked to all of us and the kids that was not acceptable nor should we have tolerated it but we did for the sake of our children not seeing us get upset with an angry old women. The owners clearly are there for there seasonal money and as far as the weekender that is just side money and your just paying someone to be rude to you! Please if you are considering going to this campsite, DON'T waste your money! I am telling you those things written above complementing the place were definitely written either by seasonal or relatives/employee of the campsite. We camped at Chautauqua Lake KOA in a Travel Trailer.


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