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J & H RV Park (55 + Park), Flagstaff, Arizona

Date of Stay: April, 2005
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My first visit to J & H RV Park was in May, 2004. I intended to stay 1 month. Because of the owners and the guests I got to know, and the park, itself, I stayed until the park closed for the winter on October 15th. Tigger the cat and Edmund the squirrel are the only full time residents. In 2005, my stay began on April 15th and will, again, last until the end of the season. I like it here. When I was young, I was told to leave things better than I found them. Part of this is valid criticism. The personal insults and vitriol spewed by some of the reviewers are uncalled for. It's as bad as the political campaigns we've had to endure. Perhaps an old quote from Sgt. Joe Friday applies: "Just the facts, ma'am." We camped at J & H RV Park (55 + Park) in a Motorhome.


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