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Lancaster / New Holland KOA , New Holland, Pennsylvania

Date of Stay: October, 2005 - $45.00
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Country Haven is a beautiful campground. I have been staying here for several years. However, new owners have taken over recently. Beware of the owner's wife. She appears friendly but becomes very obnoxious and rude when she sees a "violation." When you check in you will get the dog speech, and complaining about insurance rates. She watches the campground, high above her perch, as if she was guarding a prison camp. I have always enjoyed my experiences here, but many people have complained about the way they are being treated. A gentlemen who has been coming here for twenty years, was yelled at because he parked his car on the grass. It seems ironic when they have RV's parked all over the grass and yet she complains about a car? She also complains to parents when their children make noise on the playground? I should say that her husband seems like a very nice gentleman. He seems to be the voice of reason! I hope that these recent experiences are because she is new to the business. People go camping to relax and enjoy the atmosphere, not to be treated like children. I plan to return for one more trip this year. If her behavior does not change, I can assure you that it will be my last trip! So: I went back, even after the last bad experience, hoping that it was just a one time occurrence. I returned for Columbus Day 2005. During my stay it rained the entire weekend. Unfortunately, during the storm, my awning was broken in half, and damaged beyond repair. I had to remove it from the camper because of the extensive damage. The day I was leaving I saw the owner. He was sympathetic but obviously there was nothing he could do. After speaking with him, I cleaned up and checked out. Making reservations for 2006. When I was leaving I took the awning up to the dumpster and put it beside the dumpster. I folded it in half as best I could so it didn't take up a lot of space. There was no way I could take the awning with me since it barely fit in the truck. I thought I was being helpful by taking it to the dumpster. This week (Nov 2005), I received a letter from the owners (probably the wife), sarcastically thanking me for leaving the awning. See the below letter, exactly as it was written. I was really shocked by the tone of the letter and the action she took. If she had called me and told me it was a problem, I would have paid to have it removed or made other arrangements. Instead, she choose to write a nasty letter and cancel future reservations. Clearly she has no customer service skills or the decency of the average person, at best! After receiving this letter, there is no way that I would return to Country Haven. She is clearly a nasty woman with some type of apparent psychological issues. Maybe she will seek professional help and learn to deal with people in a professional manner. I obviously would not recommend this campground. The previous owners were great people and very welcoming. This tradition has not continued with the new owners: at least not the wife. Good luck to anyone who decides to come here. I'm sure you will enjoy the view. We camped at Lancaster / New Holland KOA in a Fifth Wheel.


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