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Coachland RV Park, Truckee, California

Date of Stay: August, 2010 - $42.00
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My family and I were on vacation last week and needed a place to stay the night. I found this one in the AAA camp book. I called and got a spot for the night. We arrived after dark and the front office was closed. We set up and tried to find a bathroom to find out that it only has one restroom for over 200 spaces. It has 1 toilet and 1 urinal. The next morning we got up to shower and use the coded restroom. The sewer stinks bad in the restroom and my kids did not want to shower in there. I opened the door and a drinking/drunk old man came over. (mind you it is approx 9 a.m.) He started in on me about being there and closing the door. I explained that it stinks and I am standing there while my kids are in the shower. He kept whining like a b#$%^& so I closed it. He went back to drinking on his front porch by his old trailer and old Chevy truck. I walked into the office to ask if this fine specimen worked here and explained how he was rude. She said yes he works there and she knows. She apologized for the OLD dude and I left. I walked back to the bathroom where the drunk was yelling at my kids and said to turn the fan on and they need to keep people off the streets out of the park. So I guess if you want a grumpy old man that amounted to managing a trailer park yelling at your kids and staying at a park that is over half full of full timers living there then this is your place, but if you want a well ran RV park that cares about people try to find another place. one with more than one toilet and a manager that does not start the day drinking and yelling at kids. We camped at Coachland RV Park in a Motorhome.


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