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Cedar Hill State Park, Cedar Hill, Texas

Date of Stay: December, 2005 - $20.00
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If you could get past the complete ineptness of the people who work the front gate, the place could have definite potential. Okay, first the good. The sites come in small, medium and large, lake side, lake view and woodsy. There are clean, heated bathrooms with showers in every loop area. The sites are fairly spread out in areas so it's really not to bad for tenters and RVers alike. The hiking trails are not terrible and the birdwatching is very nice. Now for the bad. It took over 45 minutes to check in (and there were at least a half dozen volunteers and rangers wandering about and only 3 customers). They won't allow you to drive through and choose a site before paying, and to pay you have to choose a site unseen. Then they tell you to just come back and switch if you find something you like better. There were only about 80 sites open to choose from (even though other closed areas had RV's all over the place) Okay, to begin with I had come out 4 days prior to our stay to drive around and find a spot. I had to go through a huge deal to get a 30 minute pass. With that said I quickly found a spot in one of the areas the lady had circled as open on the map. I confirmed with the office (after another 30 minute wait) that new years weekend we'd be back and that we shouldn't have any problem getting the site I had chosen. Upon returning 4 days later they said that area was closed for the winter. I mentioned that there were other campers there just a few days ago and she said "oh well, they probably live there". I paid for a site based on her recommendation and went to look around. We eventually found another sufficiant spot and had to go through another 45 minute ritual to get the site switched. They had to keep re printing receipts and then proceeded to write all over them (covering the number to the front office). I paid $20 per night for 2 nights plus $5 per person for 2 nights for a total of $60. At 8:00 AM the second morning I had a ranger stop to tell me that we were supposed to have checked out the day before and that I needed to get to the front office and take care of that immediately. He never looked at the sticker displayed in my windshield. I couldn't call, because I couldn't read the number on the receipt, so we had to drive up AGAIN and straighten out a mistake they had made. It's a shame that all this ineptness has to interfere with an otherwise lovely camping weekend. I would return for a short backpacking trip or some mountain biking, but I don't think I could stomach that office experience again. We camped at Cedar Hill State Park in a Tent.


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