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Mardi Gras RV Park & Motel, New Orleans, Louisiana

Date of Stay: May, 2006 - $45.00
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It's worth noting that we are here during Jazzfest 2006 and the rates are slightly higher. We are paying $45/night and are are glad to do so. As all others have commented - MG RV Park is no Yosemite NP in terms of scenery. Hello...we're in a City. We came here knowing that this was a post-Katrina RV Park in NOLA. In terms of ambience we were expecting that environment and that what we have. Hurricane torn and beat up. The neighborhood is trashed and empty. No businesses are open within a few miles. It took us an hour to find a grocery store when we got here. Scenery? You want Yosemite - drive to Yosemite. You want 'Nawlins? this joint ain't bad. We're ten minutes from the French Quarter. Yes the place is managed by an ornery gent. Once you break through his outer crust you'll find your host to be loveable. Yes the owner of the Park is from India, so what? He and his family are quite pleasant and have taken a chance and invested in the American dream. Oh yeah, he's trying to pay off his loan to the American bank that lent him the money to buy the place at pre-Katrina prices. I don't see why people complain that they charge to dump your ****. Don't like it, make your way to a Flying J. Water works, laundry facilities work, internet works (as I'm posting this from my site in the Park), and the sewer works. TV rececption is not bad. What else do I need to sleep during the day and take in the best music in the World in downtown NOLA at night? We've been out listening to the greatest music going til five every night for the past week! I think people need to chill and put themselves in others shoes before trashing a place online. We're quite safe and sound here in Mardis Gras RV Park. We camped at Mardi Gras RV Park & Motel in a Travel Trailer.


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