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Conesus Lake Campground, Conesus, New York

Date of Stay: July, 2011 - $80.00
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This would have been a great vacation if the staff wasn't so rude! I stayed in a rented RV that was on their site for 2 nights, with my Husband and Son. The lights and outlets in the Kitchen did not work and we asked for it to be fixed 3 times. Finally on the last day they decided to come and fix it as we were packing to go home. When we arrived, the camper was somewhat clean but still I cleaned everything before unpacking. Before I left I cleaned the counters, brought the trash down, cleaned the bathroom and swept the deck and inside of the camper. The first Friday night there was a huge fight with a group of people a couple of sites down and they were screaming, swearing and the guy actually punched the windshield of a car and broke it. We had 2-4 year old kids with us. Nothing was done about that because they were there all weekend! My family also came up for the day, went shopping in the store and paid $3 per person to stay for the day and they were also very rude to them. They asked them more than once if they were staying the night and they said no, they were just there to have dinner and go swimming. It seemed as if they didn't believe them and that they were going to try and stay the night without paying the $6 fee! They left at around 9pm and had mentioned how rude the lady was in the office/store. When we took the kids to the pool we were not allowed to jump, splash, talk loud, through any kind of balls, basically you were only allowed to stand in the pool! The life guard told the kids to stop 3 times and they were just laughing loud. I usually never complain but this time I really feel that people should know what they are getting into before camping here. My family and I go camping at least twice a month and I have never met more rude people. I feel that if you own a business you should treat your customers a lot better, especially when they are spending a lot of money. I even tried to compliment them on the store and she wouldn't even look at me or respond. To me this was not a family campground. We felt uncomfortable even going into the store because of how we were treated. I will NEVER go camping here again. We camped at Conesus Lake Campground in a Campground Cabin.


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