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Manor Oaks Overnighter RV Park, Ukiah, California

Date of Stay: July, 2011 - $35.00
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We are long term residents and regret our choice of staying here. The police are called here on an occasional basis for minor events. The lot is very small, and there is no room for space, especially if you have a pop-out. The park is run by an assistant manager. The manager is never seen or able to be contacted. The assistant. manager is usually not around as he works during the day and refuses to be bothered at night. There have been many instances of raging parties at 3am where the manager was no where to be found and did not answer the phone. The restrooms are usually filthy. They only get cleaned about once a month and you are lucky to find T.P. available. People hang out in the restroom talking and smoking pot. The electric usage is monitored by the assistant manager, not the city and everyone's bill comes at a different time in the month and vary greatly, some very high for no reason. The assistant manager has had a friend replace certain electric meters stating that they had been "tampered" with. The electric readings have been monitored by many residents and have shown no correlation with the meter numbers submitted by the assistant manager on their hand written bills. He has told residents that they were mistakes. The assistant manager only enforces eviction policies if he does not like a resident. He has evicted a resident who was quiet and clean and paid his rent on time for no apparent reason. The assistant manager stated that his RV was too old. Although there are many RV's here that are much older and in poorer condition as his appeared brand new. A resident had threatened to kill all the female residents and was reported to the police; he was not evicted. A resident was caught breaking into another resident's car; he was not evicted. A resident threw parties every night and was constantly being looked for by the police for various crimes in the city; he was not evicted until he failed to pay his rent. A resident threw a large rock into the windshield of the car of another resident; he was not evicted. Most residents are allowed to park in open spaces while some are scolded and told to move if they do the same. The laundry machines are usually broken. The restrooms will be shut down if the assistant manager is upset with someone's ill use of them. The pool has been shut down during the summer due to the assistant manager repairing storm damage to the laundry facilities as he chose to store the chemicals used in the repairs next to the pool rather than in the storage room where he keeps his personal belongings. The city came out and told him to move the chemicals or close the pool. He chose to close the pool. There are many signs of broken water pipes beneath the concrete throughout the park. These are ignored. This park is not worth the stay or the money. If you can find another place I strongly suggest it. We camped at Manor Oaks Overnighter RV Park in a Motorhome.


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