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Natural Springs Resort, New Paris, Ohio

Date of Stay: May, 2006 - $29.00
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This is a great campground! The managers and owners are really great people. They really put forth the true spirit of service and helping people get their expectation met. We did notice the previous posting about the person who lost her campsite. We were in the road at the time when we saw her JUMP in front of the managers golf cart and almost get run over. She was screaming at him and calling him names and when ask what he could do to solve her problem, she said "I want all my money back and camp for all 8 sites for the holiday. FREE!" He offered to give her, her money back and she could leave, but she refused. The whole time she was here she did nothing but complain to everyone she met. We were camped close to her and had to put up with her complaining every minute of the day. Why the park didn't throw her out is a mystery to us, and all the other campers whom she tried to ruin the weekend for. Hope we NEVER meet up with her again. We requested that we never get parked next to her and the management indicated that she has been banned from the park. So that is a good thing. This is really one of the best parks in western Ohio and eastern Indiana: bar none! We camped at Natural Springs Resort in a Motorhome.


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