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Castaways RV Resort & Campground , Berlin, Maryland

Date of Stay: June, 2006 - $55.00
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Arrived at a fairly slow time in the summer season. Apparently, the park is under new management, and I have heard they are attempting to rehab the entire area. We shall see, it needs it in some areas. Check-in was easy, but they didn't take Discover Card, so it has to be Visa or Mastercard for payment, or cash. They charge extra if you have your A/C in your motorhome, which is ridiculous. I was fairly apprehensive about staying here. After paying for our deposit *which we would have forfeited if we cancelled* I saw the numerous bad reviews here. I didn't know what to expect and held my breath all the way to Maryland. It was a pleasant surprise, with only a few things to detract from a higher rating. First of all, they had some kind of crazy scheme where in order to use the pool or the beach, you had to wear a plastic/paper, non-removable band on your wrist. Great for a day in the museum, but lousy idea when you are staying for a week. Fortunately, they didn't enforce this rule, so the wristbands stayed put away. The sites (for motorhomes and travel trailers) were wide and well groomed. Plenty of space for a car. Nice to stay where you didn't feel like you were in your neighbor's lap. Nice amount of landscaping and trees. We paid for a bayside unit, and had a good view of the dock and bay, less than 100 feet away. The bay is perfect for kids, no waves and shallow. Crabbing was fun but fishing was an exercise in futility..not the campgrounds fault though. Pool was small, and we never used it due to it closing at 6pm. Only have 30 amp hookups from what I could tell, which is marginal for big rigs, forget running two a/c's in your big rig. Some campsites electricity are protected by fuses instead of circuit breakers. I was lucky. When the circuit breaker blew I just reset it. I was party to a controversy where another camper was complaining about them charging him to replace a fuse. 50 amp is the way to go, hopefully Eagle's nest upgrades soon. The TV cable was broken, and was not fixed despite a well-meaning attempt by the front office. I fixed a shoddy repair myself by bypassing it. It helps to be handy. Beach is small but nice. Dock is similarly small but in decent repair. Camp store has a lot of empty shelf space and sells very little food. Count on nearby grocery stores (5 minutes out) to stock up your shelves. The have the usual high markup on most items. The arcade needs upgrading soon. Old wood paneling and old asphalt tile with vintage air hockey and two pool tables. The video games are nowhere near state of the art, being about 20 years old in some cases. They work, but your kids won't be excited by them. Laundry facilities were acceptable, but a large percentage of the appliances were out of order. Cost 1.75 for a wash and 1.75 for a dry. That is reasonable, I thought. We normally stay in Frontier Town (about 3 miles away) but could not get in. This place was not in the same league, facility-wise, but I felt compared favorably in other areas. Frontier Town is much bigger, with ameneties like a water park and a cowboy theme park.. but Eagle's Nest was much quieter, with larger campsites (for Rv's anyway) and had the beach which FT did not. Definitely a toss up for me, anyway. I will be interested to see if they upgrade any of the utilities and buildings in the next year. I would stay here again, all things considered. We camped at Castaways RV Resort & Campground in a Motorhome.


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