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Red Apple Campground, Arundel, Maine

Date of Stay: July, 2006 - $42.00
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Booked trip in May for 4th of July weekend via e-mail. Was assigned a site number and told to send in deposit within 10 days to "hold your site." Upon reviewing campground map, my husband and I decided we would accept the assigned site and sent in our deposit immediately. The check was promptly cashed so we knew our site was reserved, or so we thought. On arrival date, we called to notify owner that we would be checking in late and were told that a map to our site would be left on office door. Upon arrival, we found that we had been changed to another site which was situated in the middle of semi-permanent RV sites. No other transient sites were around this site. It looked exactly like an over-55 residential neighborhood with perfectly manicured lawns, flowers, etc. In the words of my 11 year old "nice place to live but wouldn't want to camp here." Although disappointed at the change of sites, we proceeded to back into the site only to have our trailer sink deep into the mud. We exited our vehicle and upon inspection of the site, found it was nothing but a saturated mud pit. Our feet sank into the mud and there was no way our kids could hang around the campsite without being up to their ankles in mud. We then decided to pull our trailer out before it got stuck and drove to our reserved campsite as this was simply unacceptable since we had booked far in advance and had paid a deposit for a specific campsite. Upon reaching our reserved site, it was available so we pulled in. First thing the next morning, I went to check in and was immediately verbally accosted by the owner in front of my two children. He berated me for the "damage we caused" to the first site. When I explained to him that it was a mud pit and naturally the tires would sink in to the soil, he only grew more angry. I explained to him that aside from that, we had reserved and paid for a specific site and that is the site we expected. He informed me that it was already reservied for someone else. I was completely baffled and shocked. I asked him why he would give a reserved site to someone else and he began screaming that he wasn't going to argue. He was extremely defensive and literally screamed, "That's not how it works! You will stay in the site I tell you to stay in or you won't stay here at all." I again asked him why he wouldn't give us the site that we had reserved and he kept insisting that he could put us where he wanted. I asked him what was the point of our reserving a specific site if he was not going to honor that reservation and he screamed, "Do you want to stay at this campground?!?" It was obvious I was dealing with someone that knew he was in the wrong, but did not want to admit it so he resorted to not answering my questions and instead chose to be unprofessional, rude, and beligerant. I told him we would leave as soon as my husband returned from work as this was wrong of them to tell us we were reserving a specific site only to then stick us in the muddiest, crappiest site in the entire campground. My kids and I walked back to our site in tears, upset that our holiday weekend was in shambles. The owner's wife then came to our site to tell us, "You can have your way. You can have this site." Well gee, thanks so much for giving me the site that I paid for and reserved almost two months ago, and not the mud pit of a site that you tried to stick us in, and furthermore shouldn't be renting out to anybody anyway because of it's terribly poor condition. Well, I would never stay at Red Apple Campground again simply because of the blatant arrogance of the owners. He was nothing short of a big, mean bully and had absolutely zero regard for my children, myself, or his promise via email to hold my site if I sent my reservation fee within 10 days. We also checked out a day early but when we inquired as to receiving a refund for the night we would not be staying, the request was ignored, so make sure you don't overbook if you stay here. Aside from all of the above, this campground is neatly groomed but very packed in. Can hear your neighbors snore and what they are watching on TV. Nothing to do for kids at all; no pool, no playground except two swings. Very dull and boring. We camped at Red Apple Campground in a Travel Trailer.


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