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Lakewood Camping Resort, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Date of Stay: July, 2006 - $60.00
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Over all experience was pleasant, however I do have one MAJOR complaint. For advertising themselves as a Christian campground these people are certainly on the route to all that is evil, as they are money hungry. While spending time at the campground my wife and I, along with friends took in some water activities in Myrtle Beach and while riding a banana boat being pulled by a jetski my wife was injured and required immediate medical attention. After taking her to the Emergency Room, they couldn't confirm what the injury was but my wife was in extreme pain so we decided to pack up and head out and leave our friends behind to enjoy the rest of their trip. Straight from the emergency room back to hookup and pull out. I didn't stop to check out. I just wanted to get the wife back home and to one of our doctors because she was in so much pain. Long and short of it after getting home we found out she had broken her leg in the joint and needs surgery. I called our friends that stayed at the campground and asked them to go to the Camp office and check me out and see if the managment might refund (credit back to my credit card) the two days I had left early. Our friends were told absolutely not, that I was the only one that could check out and since I wasn't there to do so that I would be charged until the last day of my stay, and no refund would be given. My friends called and told me this so I called and was told that If I would like a refund that I would have to check out in person. Being that I am back in Maryland I don't think that is going to happen so I don't suppose I will be getting any refund for the two days that I didn't use their facilities. None the less and to show the greed for money, the campground tried to re-rent the space on one of the days before my original checkout. Luckily my friend was at his site next to mine and told the people attempting to claim the space that they needed to go back to the office and let them know that the space was occupied. Of course it really wasn't because I had left but If I am going to be charged for it and not be refunded my money, they certainly are NOT going to rent it out again until after my original checkout date. So moral of the story: if you think these supposed Christian folks are going to give you any kind of Christian break if you have a medical emergency and have to leave in a hurry, do not count on it. Not only will you not get any refund, but they will try to rent out the campsite to someone else and charge you for it too. We camped at Lakewood Camping Resort in a Travel Trailer.


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