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Driftstone on the Delaware, Mt Bethel, Pennsylvania

Date of Stay: July, 2006 - $40.00
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Beware Driftstone Campground on the Delaware - Mt. Bethel, PA. This campground is run by highway robbers. We were not pleased at all with this campground. It claims to be a family campground but will charge you $9 for each child after you arrive. The website says up to 6 persons can be in the campsite, but apparently children do not count as "persons." Next, you will be charged to dump your tanks if you need to do so on arrival. You will be charged $5 for each visitor so if your family arrives for dinner as was our case, each member will be fleeced for $5, even if they use none of the facilities and stay only for an hour or so. They mow the lawns at 9:00 am and will make sure you are wide awake. They drive diesel pickup trucks around your camper at all hours of the day and night. They shut the pool down from 12-1 pm and checkout time is 2 pm so you will not be able to use the pool after noon on the day you are leaving. There is an extra late departure fee for leaving after the 2:00 departure time, and an extra fee for arriving late. They are located on the Delaware but do not allow you to swim in it. There is an extra charge if you run your AC. They are not pet friendly. The sites smell; either people are dumping their tanks on the ground or they are using the septic drain field as the actual campground. Maybe both. The campground seems to have approximately 20% occupied by "permanent" residents -- these people do not ever move their trailers from the park. They use the park as a garage for their boats, gardens, potting sheds, porches, stairways and other architectural features, however the issue is that they are rude and have bad attitudes toward visiting campers. Our theory is the owners of this campground are making enough money from the permanent residents to make ends meet and they do not really want business from visiting campers. We left a day early and will never go back there; it is our opinion that others would be well-advised to avoid this campground. We camped at Driftstone on the Delaware in a Travel Trailer.


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