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Pine Ridge RV Campground, Birch Run, Michigan

Date of Stay: July, 2006 - $32.00
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This was our third year in a row at this campground, it will be my last. We pulled in early hoping that we could set up because we had to be somewhere during the check in time. The woman behind the counter started off real defensive with a raised voice and telling me how someone was on my site and I couldn't park it there, that I needed to take my rig to a shopping center parking lot and wait till check in time. I told her over and over again to calm down, that I wasn't yelling at her, but there was no way I was going to drop my fifth wheel in a public parking lot so someone could steal it. I told her I'd be back later. Like the other reviewers the "security" golf cart was a joke, a person could hardly breathe without him looking at you! We got yelled at for having a truck tire on the grass. But the real kicker came when asked if we could stay a few hours longer and they told us we had to pay for a whole day; later we found out that there is an hourly rate! We had 5 different trailers in our group, one was accused of sneaking people in and when asked how could they accuse them when there are 200 campers there, they backed down and said that they weren't sure who did it. To sum it up, they basically told us that children were not welcome, they have no pool or anything for kids to do, except a playground. This is a campground for big rigs full of retirees, I don't mean that in a bad way only that they prefer not to have families there. The problem lies in that they are the next closest campground to Frankenmuth besides Jellystone and that is why they can behave the way they do. I don't care to go to a campground that is not friendly and are only worried about making more than a buck! The years before we never had a problem, this year is was unbearable and we will not be back and this includes our 5 trailers of friends that were there with us, camping is supposed to be fun! We camped at Pine Ridge RV Campground in a Fifth Wheel.


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