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    Jan 20, 2020
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    I am going to be making my Kia into a crawlspace camper again, but more designed, not just a totally last minute thing made with scrap wood. The thing that I have really been obsessing over is that I don't want the bed platform to be in the way or need to be hinged or in pieces to be able to take apart and stash if I need to use seats.

    I was thinking today, that maybe I could suspend a bed platform with a strap system from around the roof or from roof rails. I've seen such things in vans when researching, but they are always attached somehow in ways that can't be done in a small suv.

    The straps would be adjustable, so I could simply hoist the thing up to the ceiling of the car. Also, with all the straps adjustable individually, I could compensate for uneven terrain, which I wouldn't be able to do with a regular stationary platform.

    I think I can simply use two pvc poles with multiple bed straps to lay bedding on, then whichever way I adjust the suspension straps will dictate whether the bed is more flat or more concave like a cradle.

    What I need to know is what to use for the suspending straps, and what method to use to make them adjustable.

    Does anyone have any thoughts, suggestions, or comments on this idea? Anything that might make me think it's a bad idea?


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